Bordeaux ... City ​​of light

World-renowned vineyards and grand beaches of the Atlantic, these are what you will find around Bordeaux. Naturally, such pleasant surroundings are compelling, but Bordeaux now also attracts many tourists to the city itself. Its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with the recognition of its urban complexity, have now developed her into a major city.

A perimeter encompassing 1810 hectares was designated in June 2007, rewarding the traditional quays, wide streets, classic harmony and quays depth, and homogeneity of the style of the 18th century, which was the golden age when Bordeaux enjoyed a dominant position as an important port and center of commerce.

Four figures in particular contributed to the current pace of the city and influenced its best-known landmarks : the two Boucher brothers ( Place de la Bourse ), Tourny ( the facade of the quays) et Victor Louis ( the Grand Theatre) .

Renowned in their own right, the facades of the Quays reveals the stonemason's talent for the artform known as " cutting heads". These masks, small details which transform the facades, adorn thousands of doors and windows, giving the walls the illusion of possessing eyes and ears, and sometimes even entire bodies.

The iron craftsmen also contributed to the embellishment of the facades, creating arabesques and iron decorations for balconies, railings and door knockers.

What a joy to roam Bordeaux and breathe in all its charm.

To stroll in Bordeaux is a delight .....